"PrettyMouth" , to the innocent, or unguarded, might conjure that very human trait that endears an individual to humanity as a whole. The sweetness of a smile that all-at-once offers sanctuary and sustenance in a frightening world. Another sentiment, and a far more common one, that the name might evoke is the lusty curl of another's lips; flush, plump, red with blood, the glistening , wet gates of a watering mouth. This example is universal when eyes meet vestiges seemingly crafted specifically to share with the observer any number of consensual activities. PrettyMouth is one band, in a grand tradition of American rock bands.  Where (what you might call) tragedy, is just as much about victory, and lament strides hand-in-hand with elation. Marie Litton writes and performs these songs alongside cellist/guitarist Lief Sjostrom, Bassist Benjamin Williams, and Drummer Jed "The Kid from Deliverance" Kopp. 


3/12 Alex's Bar

3/14 The Sardine

3/15 Ham & Eggs


"This Poison Loves You"

"Nightshade of Red" at Goosetown Tavern 2016

"Desert Music" at Westword Music Showcase 2016

February Haze-2018 Tiny Desk Submission

Blood Don't Lie - 2014


"a classy grunge elixir...'fuck, this rocks!'...The darkened sensuality of Siouxsie and the Banshees mixed with the intellect and vulnerability of Portishead" -Anthony Bravo @ Yellow Scene Magazine 2018

 "The highlights of the weekend were definitely...the powerful presentation put on by PrettyMouth. Marie Litton is one of the most outstanding female rock vocalists of our area.  The band showcases a sound that resonates with considerable dynamic range – moody, dark, powerful and accessible."  -Chris K. @ Colorado Playlist 2017

 "Their musical output is bonafide boiling blood and lust in musical notes; they are the tension between stillness and motion...thick and swelteringly overdriven...dense and delicately honest Americana-leaning numbers that lilt and sting in tandem; Moody and captivating diddies that you‘ll want to drink to forget to, although I don’t think you’ll forget songs this damn good" -John Bueno @ Pueblo PULP 2016

 "Dark and moody, The Orb Weaver is hauntingly catchy and emotive. ...a stunning sophomore effort on PrettyMouth’s latest EP."  -Alli Andress @ AXS 2015

 “Momentarily abandoning her rock roots, former Ghost Buffalo singer Marie Litton leads her dark-folk three-piece PrettyMouth on its debut album, Satan in Clothes. Here Litton lays bare the personal gloom she's endured over the years, packaging all of it in songs with a '90s acoustic simplicity wrapped in musically rich instrumentation. Songs like "Morning Terrors" and "Sinisterly" deliver an itchy anxiety, illustrating beautifully the relentlessness of an unsettled mind. Even when the album picks up the tempo, as in "Panic Tears," we are still left to deal with lyrics that convey a disturbing internal conflict: "I can tell you are no stranger/But you wear that mask so well/So you're at my door/Begging me this time, it's different than before," a sentiment augmented by the line "God loves a fool who keeps believing," from the lachrymose "The Devil You Know." ”  -Jossiah Hesse @ Westword 2012

 “You know that somber, dark feeling that Nirvana’s Unplugged in New York gave off? Remember how that cello really created an ambiance that slowed everything down and mellowed you out? I’ve spent many years searching for something that could resemble that mood and feeling, and PrettyMouth’s latest album, “Satan in Clothes”, has captured that vibe better than anything else I’ve heard to date. Now, that’s not to say they were intentionally trying to do that, and I’m also not saying that their music sounds in any way like Nirvana. No, what I’m saying is that PrettyMouth’s music is hauntingly beautiful, just the way Unplugged in New York is. Marie Litton has a wonderfully crisp voice that will immediately capture your attention. The sweetness and gentleness of her voice contrasts vibrantly with the spooky music PrettyMouth creates. As I listened to PrettyMouth I found myself very often comparing their music to that of Dark Dark Dark.” 2012

 “If you've heard the names Marie Litton, Lief Sjostrom or Ryan Longenecker before, it's because they've all got hands in different projects. But together, they're PrettyMouth. The trio released their debut LP, Satan in Clothes, just a few weeks ago, and they played three songs from it: "A Certain Sacrifice," "Sinisterly" and "Morning Terrors." The band then sat down with Ashley to discuss their music, which they describe as "dark folk." What they brought us: A Cruella De Vil figurine that nicely matched the dark color scheme of the session. Read more:” -Ashley Dean @ Colorado Daily 2012